Louis C.K. Is Donating 25% Of The Profits From His Online Special To Charity

By: 12.22.11

Just in case you didn’t already find Louis C.K. nearly impossible not to love, he’s gone and made it even harder for those who don’t or might be wavering: Louis announced last night on Jimmy Fallon’s show that he’ll be donating 25% of the profits he takes in from his new comedy special — a figure that stands at roughly $280,000 at present — to charity.

“It made a lot of money…yesterday we hit a million bucks,” the comedian told Fallon. “That’s too much money. I’ve never had a million dollars in my life…so I took $280,000 and donated it to a bunch of charities.”

Louis also said that he took a quarter of the profits and gave people who’ve worked for him for a while very nice holiday bonuses. What a swell guy!

(HT: Splitsider)

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