8 Things I Learned From The Behind-The-Scenes Look At A McDonald's Burger Photoshoot

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If you graduated from dial-up any time in the last decade then you’ve run across one of the assorted “Fast Food: Ads Vs. Reality” comparison graphics that seemingly go viral once a quarter. Well, after a tweet that broke Grimace’s back McDonald’s Canada decided to take on the subject in a way their skulking US counterparts seemingly never would — Mythbusters-style.

The video is weird yet interesting. It feels like propaganda yet you want to get behind it. I learned eight important things that I’ll take to my grave…

  1. McDonald’s Canada execs are getting it done.
  2. It’s urban legend that you can order a “Royale with Cheese” in Canada.
  3. Food Stylist is an actual job you can do.
  4. Burger Photographer is an actual job you can do.
  5. Ketchup syringes aren’t just something Russell Crowe dreams about.
  6. Burgers gets prepped 5x more for a burger shoot than Kim Kardashian does for a burger shoot.
  7. Burgers gets prepped 100x more for a burger shoot than Kim Kardashian does for a sex tape shoot.
  8. The difference between fast food ads and reality is a culinary wonderbra.

Now if you’ll excuse me, ketchup syringes don’t purchase themselves.

McDonald’s Canada via The Daily What

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