News Anchors Love Them Some Haboob

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First off, some knowledge: A haboob is a type of sandstorm (thanks, Wikipedia).  Some of us who don’t live near the desert are hearing about haboobs for the first time now that a massive haboob rolled through Phoenix, Arizona, a couple days ago (video of that haboob below).  Thanks to that haboob, news anchors have been saying the word haboob often.  It seems as though they even like to say the word haboob as often as they can say it (by “it” we mean “haboob”).  In fact, if we didn’t know better, we’d say some of them are going out of their way to say haboob more often they they need to say haboob.  How immature.  We here at Uproxx pride ourselves on being more mature than these haboob-loving anchors who are so happy to say haboob on air.  Haboob.

Speaking of haboobs, Rachel Maddow made a supercut of anchors saying haboob because this is important news.  Fark described the video below as “news reporters say ‘boob’ on the air. Rachel Maddow is all over it”.  We see what you did there, Fark.

And here’s video of the haboob in question…

[Videos via Fark and TheAwesomer]

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