One-Of-A-Kind Toys Based On Pop Culture Characters? Oh, Indeed.

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Mister Frothee sculpts one-of-a-kind toys as gifts, sometimes giving them to people involved in the television and movie projects the toy is based on. He says someone sent one of his Mad Men bobbleheads to Christina Hendricks and she wrote him a nice letter. He needs to spend the next few years just holding that letter up everywhere he goes like he’s Anthony Michael Hall with Molly Ringwald’s panties in Sixteen Candles.

Our favorite toys of his are in the slideshow below. Unfortunately, none of these are for sale, but that won’t stop us from throwing twenties at our screens and hoping something happens. (We also do that whenever Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr ad is on the TV.)

All pictures are courtesy of Mister Frothee, and you can check out his Flickr page for more pictures and backstories. Thanks to SuperPunch for the assist.

“The Wire” wind-up toys, each 2.5″ tall and proportioned wider to fit a motor inside. He says he’s also making another set with Cedric Daniels, Jay Landsman, “Herc” Hauk, Lester Freamon, and Stringer Bell.

Bunk Moreland (The Wire)

Jimmy McNulty (The Wire)

Bubbles (The Wire)

Omar Little (The Wire)

Kima Greggs (The Wire)

Don Draper and Joan Holloway (Mad Men)

Joan Holloway dashboard bobbleheads


Calamity Jane, Al Swearengen, and Seth Bullock (Deadwood)

Deadwood bobbleheads

Deadwood bobbleheads

Deadwood puppets

Royal Tenenbaums puppets

Addams Family bobbleheads

Addams Family bobbleheads

Addams Family bobbleheads

Addams Family bobbleheads

Dawn Of The Dead bobbleheads; left to right, Back row: Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews, Peter Washington, Roger DeMarco, Fran Parker; Front row: Plaidboy, Machete Zombie, Blades, Hare Krishna Zombie, Nurse Zombie, Helicopter Zombie

Francine Parker


Helicopter Zombie

Peter Washington

Blades and Machete Zombie. Bobblehead version of Tom Savini? Yes please.

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