The NY Daily News Doesn’t Seem To Care Much For Robinson Cano Anymore

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After Robinson Cano signed one of the biggest contracts in history, the mother of his child wants her child support increased to $25,000 a month.

jessica williams

‘The Daily Show’ Emphatically Rejects The Latest ‘War On Christmas’ Tantrums From Fox News

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The network has really cranked up its defense of the little underdog holiday that could (creep all the way into October).


‘Inside Llewyn Davis’: How The Coen Bros Killed The ‘Musician Biopic’


In fact, and I don’t care who I piss off with this statement, those Coen Brothers, they’re pretty good.


‘The Daily Show’s’ Extensive Budget Deal Coverage Came Complete With A ‘Die Hard’ Parody

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With Congress not giving in to their give in to their penchant for f*ck-uppery. The Daily Show went all in last night.

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Colbert Supports Fox News’ Anti-Charity Push Because That’s What Jesus Would Do

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Bill O'Reilly claims that Jesus would not approve of government assistance for the poor. Stephen Colbert naturally backs him on this.

Amazing Helicopter Pilot

Stop Everything And Check Out This Amazing Video Of A Helicopter Pilot Harvesting Christmas Trees

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Check out this amazing video of a helicopter pilot harvesting Christmas trees and pretend you could fly half as well.


Stephen Colbert Interviewed The Denver Post’s Marijuana Editor Via Satellite From ‘Bongistan’ Last Night

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How does one get the job of "marijuana editor?" Work in the music department, naturally.


Ron Burgundy On A Street Corner With Donuts & A 40? The ‘Anchorman 2′ Marketing Blitz Continues.

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The Ron Burgundy marketing blitz continues on Reddit and they aren't even trying at this point. Just release the movie already!

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Main Takeaway From ‘Daily Show’ Report On Corrupt Corporations: America Is F*cked

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If you needed reminding of how corporate crime goes largely unpunished in America -- and let's face it we all do -- well, here ya go. Thanks, Daily Show!

Go Pro

Check Out This Amazing GoPro Shark Attack Video And Try Swimming Faster

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Check out this amazing shark attack captured by a GoPro camera while I finish my screenplay for Jaws 5: Jaw Harder.

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Is This Woman’s Selfie With A Suicidal Man The Worst Selfie Ever Taken? Probably!

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It was only a matter of time before someone took a selfie with a suicidal person preparing to jump off of a bridge. America in 2013, y'all!


Fox News Has Kicked Off Its Annual War On Christmas And The ‘Daily Show’ Is On It

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Like clockwork, Fox News has kicked off its annual "War on Christmas" coverage. Thankfully, the Daily Show is around to make fun of it.

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Jon Stewart Connects The Dots Between Obamacare And Black Friday

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Jon Stewart proves once again: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Even Black Friday and Obamacare.

Diane Hoax

So That Whole Thanksgiving Plane Confrontation That Took The Internet By Storm? It’s Officially Fake.

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Elan Gale took to his Twitter account to officially end the saga and speculation surrounding Diane and his viral in-flight battle with the angry passenger.


Check Out This Video Of A Guy Minding His Own Business Before Entering A Vicious Pillow Fight

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This video of a random pillow fight highlights a growing problem on our suburban streets that needs to be stopped.


Quit Judging Kim Kardashian People! She’s A Hard Working Mom And Stuff!

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These critics of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just need to stop. They are parenting just the way they need to according to their hard working lifestyle.

Racism ended when

The GOP Declares Racism Over And The Internet Responds Accordingly

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Racism has ended according to a GOP tweet in honor of the late Rosa Parks and the Internet responds accordingly to the shocking news.

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Courtney Love Left Her iPhone In A Cab And A NY Times Columnist Found It

By | 3 Comments

Courtney Love got really lucky. It could have been a someone who works for the New York Post.


Naturally, Stephen Colbert Had Something Hilarious To Say About The GOP Congressman Caught In A Coke Bust

By | 4 Comments

Tea Party Congressman Trey Radel pled guilty this week to purchasing an 8-ball of cocaine from an undercover cop. Cue Stephen Colbert.


Watch The Banned Protein Shake Ad That Has Too Much Masturbation Innuendo For Television

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You'll be shocked to discover banning a commercial with lots of masturbation innuendo is the best advertising.

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