Lakers President Jeanie Buss: If You Don’t Want To Play With Kobe Bryant Then You’re A ‘Loser’

By | 9 Comments

An angry Jeanie Buss gave an interview to ESPN and wow is she angry and she wants to fire some people ASAP.


Put A Little Ass On It: Embracing The Magic Of ‘WWE Originals’

By | 19 Comments

Take a look back at 'WWE Originals,' the CD that gave us Basic Thuganomics AND a song about Rikishi putting his ass on babies.

jay cutler

Brian Urlacher Said Some Really Mean Things About Jay Cutler, And He Was Probably Right

By | 12 Comments

Brian Urlacher Says The Only Thing 'Elite' About Jay Cutler Is His Salary.

John Cena

Take Your Gravol Now! All The Funny People You Like Now Think John Cena Is A Master Of Comedy.

By | 64 Comments

Don't think John Cena's funny? Judd Apatow would like to have a word with you.


Brock Lesnar Isn’t Working Survivor Series OR TLC Because F*ck You, Who Cares

By | 93 Comments

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture is looking grim, as Brock Lesnar isn't scheduled for November or December's pay-per-views.

#Fox News

Fox News Host: Young Women Should Stick To Tinder And Not Vote

By | 35 Comments

Are you ready for some Hot Tinder Takes with Kimberly Guilfoyle?


And Now, King Kong Being RKO’d Off The Empire State Building

By | 15 Comments

The RKO From Outta Nowhere vines genre has peaked with this clip of Randy Orton RKO'ing King Kong off the Empire State Building.

30 FOR 30

Here’s Rare Footage Of Willis Reed Fighting The Entire 1966 Los Angeles Lakers Team

By | 2 Comments

Do you want to see Willis Reed fight the Los Angeles Lakers? Like, all of them? Of course you do.


Brace Yourselves, NCAA Luchador Masks Are Coming

By | 6 Comments

The wait is over... you can finally own an officially licensed NCAA mask worthy of a luchador. Is your team represented?

The Hobbit

The Price Tag For The Hobbit Trilogy Would Sicken Smaug Himself

By | 3 Comments

We have a video of Benedict Cumberbatch doing motion capture, as well as financial details about The Hobbit trilogy.

academic scandals

A Former North Carolina Basketball Player Says He Made The Dean’s List Without Attending Classes

By | 12 Comments

Former UNC b-ball player Rashad McCants talk about what he did at school instead of going to classes.

mass shootings

Here’s Shocking Footage From A Shooting Inside Canada’s Parliament Building In Ottawa

By | 21 Comments

Ottawa is in lockdown this afternoon after several shooting in the downtown area include one inside the Parliament building.

#Viral Videos

There Were No Winners And Lots Of Losers In This University Of Arkansas Frat Bro Fight

By | 9 Comments

A police officer tried to stop a fight between dozens of Arkansas frat bros. It didn't go well.


Randy Orton Is Still Being A Dick About The World Series

By | 28 Comments

On Raw, Randy Orton said the Kansas City Royals have no chance of winning the World Series. After Game 1, he's reminding us about it.


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 10/23/95: The Mystery Of Penis Rock

By | 62 Comments

The vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for October 23, 1995, featuring the debut of THE yeh-TAY, a tall ice mummy that hates Hogan.

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