street racing

Watch As The Axle Of This Muscle Car Flies Off After The Driver Hits The Gas


A street racer has the axle of their 1960's Dodge Dart fly off the back of the car after flooring it.


Why Is The Internet Stupidly Blaming James Harden For Blowing Game 2?

By | 14 Comments

James Harden was a master in Game 2 until the final play. Saying he choked, or blew it, means you shouldn't be allowed to watch the NBA Playoffs anymore.

Alberto El Patron

The Former Alberto Del Rio Says He Turned Down An Offer To Fight For UFC

By | 5 Comments

Also, was that rumored Golberg/Alberto kickboxing match actually a real thing?

#Friday Conversation

What Is The Greatest Lawn Game For Memorial Day Weekend?

By | 45 Comments

The Uproxx staff picks their favorite backyard drinking games.


Michael Sam Has Signed With A Pro Football Team, Just Not In The League He’d Hoped

By | 44 Comments

The former Missouri defensive end signed a two-year deal with the Montreal Alouettes.


The FBI Is Now Involved With The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape. Yes, Really.

By | 12 Comments

Gawker is suing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to better defend itself against the Hulkster's lawsuit. I swear I'm not making this up.

#2015 NBA Draft

Watch Jahlil Okafor Rudely Reject This Prank Dunk Attempt

By | 4 Comments

Some jokesters at Sports Illustrated thought they could posterize Okafor on a toy hoop. They were very, very wrong.


David Spade Thinks Ronda Rousey In WWE Is ‘A Step Backwards’

By | 28 Comments

Who better to weigh in on Ronda Rousey reappearing in WWE other than...wait, David Spade?

#Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Smartly Sums Up The Impossibility Of Trying To Defend Stephen Curry

By | 11 Comments

He's taking shots a defense can live with, but for him they're routine. Kobe knows what he's talking about.

#Viral Videos

Meet The YouTuber Who Writes Weird New Lyrics To Classic TV Theme Songs


Since 2010, YouTuber Jeffrey Davis has been rewriting classic TV theme songs with his own strange and irreverent lyrics.

#Stephen Curry

Steph Curry LOSES HIS MIND On The Bench After Andre Iguodala’s Ferocious Dunk

By | 2 Comments

Steph Curry was more excited by Andre Iguodala's slam than anyone else inside Oracle Arena.


This Baby Sea Lion Waddled Into A Newport Beach Bar

By | 2 Comments

Despite naming the pup "Beach Ball" after the bar, the staff wouldn't serve it. Yet another example of government bureaucracy in action.


The Person Trolling The Patriots On The NFL’s Twitter Account Might Be A Jets Fan

By | 7 Comments

The reported sole manager of the NFL's social media accounts may have been a New York Jets fan trolling the New England Patriots.

Harrison Barnes

Watch Warriors Forward Harrison Barnes Moonlight As A Part-Time Red Bull Employee


Yes, Bay Area natives – you might see Warriors starter and part-time Red Bull employee Harrison Barnes at your local convenience store.

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