War Machine Tried To Kill Himself In His Prison Cell, And The Story Keeps Getting Sadder

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A TMZ report says War Machine tried to kill himself in his prison cell this week, where he's being held on domestic violence charges.

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The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 10/15/14: Highway To Shell

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Was this episode actually really great despite brief moment of being extremely problematic? SHELL YEAH IT WAS.


The Slammy Awards Have Been Canceled, And The Angels Did Rejoice

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The Slammy Awards are always the worst show of the year, but it looks like a scheduling gaffe has canceled them for 2014.


‘Queens Of The Ring’ Features CM Punk And Eve Torres Cameos And Looks Shockingly Decent

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'Queens of the Ring' has heart and a lot of folks who are no longer with WWE.

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This Michigan Frat Bro Gave A Vince Lombardi-Esque Speech To Tailgaters Before The Penn State Game

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Prepare for some serious laughs as this Michigan frat bro gives a pregame speech for the ages.


David Hasselhoff Is Endorsing The British Bulldog For The WWE Hall Of Fame For Some Reason

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Do you think Davey Boy Smith should be in the HOF? What if an aging actor he never met endorses him?


It Was Fun While It Lasted: WWE Is Doing RKO Vines

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Remember the Randy Orton RKO Vines meme from two days ago? WWE caught wind and is doing officially sanctioned versions. BOO, HISS.


‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ Is Officially A Trilogy, Starting In 2016

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Can Warner Bros. make six hours of movie out of a 42 page book? Don't you believe in magic?


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, ‘Heatstroke’, and ‘Persecuted’

By | 11 Comments

What's new on Netflix Instant and Streaming? Laremy will tell you, in This Week in Netflix and Streaming. Fake Christmas, real Christmas, Christian stuff, and Jennifer Lawrence!


Aaron Rodgers’ Doppleganger Made His Way To Green Bay To Fool The Locals

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Packer Fans Did A Discount Seeing Double Check When Aaron Rodgers' Lookalike Made His Way To Green Bay.


Here’s A Couple Of Extremely Lucky Kids Touring The WWE Performance Center

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Triple H led a guided tour of NXT and the WWE Performance Center for a group of charity auction winners, and it's pretty adorable.

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Adam Jones Of The Baltimore Orioles Summed Up This Season In Two Simple Words

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Despite the loss in the ALCS, Orioles' CF Adam Jones was excited about the season.

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TNA Is Negotiating With A Talent Who Will ‘Shock People,’ So Let’s Wildly Speculate!

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TNA's Dixie Carter is one again hyping a major announcement, claiming to be negotiating with talent that will "shock people." Who is it?

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The World’s Best Cat Ruined This Woman’s Ukulele Solo

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Here's a wonderful clip of a cat videobombing a woman's ukulele routine. Watch, you won't regret it.


Ronda Rousey Says She Would Rather Die In Victory Than Live With A Loss

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Quick, what do Enzo Amore and <a href="http://uproxx.com/tag/Ronda-Rousey">Ronda Rousey</a> have in common.


Allow Shep Smith To Explain Why Everyone Needs To Chill The Hell Out About Ebola

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"Given what we know today, you should have no concerns about getting Ebola at all. None. I promise." -- Shep Smith


The Best And Worst Of Main Event 10/14/14: It’s A Shameful Thing, Lobster Head

By | 29 Comments

Cat kickpads, lobster heads and lots of anus talk in a filthy sounding Main Event.

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