Floyd Mayweather

Good Luck Watching The Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight If You’re In A Las Vegas Hotel

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Good luck trying to watch that Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight in Vegas.

vince mcmahon

From Trailer Park To Titan Towers: 10 True Facts About The Early Life Of Vince McMahon

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He grew up in a trailer park, and convinced Evel Knievel to jump a canyon? A few fascinating facts about young Vince McMahon.


Hideo Itami Called Out CM Punk In A Super Serious Twitter Blood Feud

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Hideo Itami CALLED OUT CM Punk for stealing the Go 2 Sleep in a deadly serious Twitter feud where everyone's very mad in real life.


Jim Harbaugh Was So Into His Wife When He First Met Her, He Immediately Called Her Nine Times

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Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh shows his persistence by revealing he called his future wife nine times after first meeting her.


Watch This Junior Hockey Player Serve Up The Worst Shootout Goal Attempt We’ve Ever Seen

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What do you do when your team needs you to lead them to a shootout victory? Uhhh...not this.

2015 NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals GM Says NFL Teams Would Draft Hannibal Lecter If He Ran A 4.3 40-Time

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If you can run really fast but like to eat other humans, you can still play pro football.


WWE’s Lana Tweeted About Equal Rights, And The Responses Were Predictably Terrible

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WWE manager Lana expressed her frustration with the gender-driven wage gap, and you can easily guess exactly how the internet responded.


Dwight Howard Owns 50 Guns, 20 Snakes And Is More Mature Than Ever

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Dwight Howard completed his transformation into Playoff Dwight with his <a href="http://uproxx.com/dimemag/2015/04/2015-nba-playoffs-last-night-top-5-moments/">dominant performance</a> in Game 2 of the Houston Rockets' first round series against the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.


Bernie Williams Will Finally Retire As A Yankee, Nine Years After His Last Game With The Team


It took almost a decade, but Bernie Williams is finally set to acknowledge that he isn't ever going to play for the Yankees again.

horrible crimes

The 93-Year-Old ‘Miracle On Ice’ Team Doctor Was Mugged At His Wife’s Gravesite

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How could someone do such a thing? Is this the most uncool thing a Minnesotan has ever done?


Keith Apicary Is The Only Contestant To Support For The New Season Of Tough Enough

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Get in on the ground floor of the future WWE legend that is Keith Apicary, Tough Enough hopeful.


Watch This Insane MMA Fight Between Two Medieval Knights

By | 7 Comments

M-1 Medieval is the insane Russian blend of mixed martial arts and knight fights. Check out this insanity!


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 4/15/96: Dial H For Hogan

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The vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for April 15, 1996, featuring Hulk Hogan at his worst and another Hot Coffee mod.


Tiger Woods Impersonator’s Sexting Scandal Is Different From The Real Thing


It would have been funny if the impersonator took his game to the next level, but it turns out he was FRAMED (gasp)!


Here’s A 21-Year-Old AndrĂ© The Giant Killing It In A ’60s French Martial Arts Movie

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Before he was The Giant, Andre was an actor. Here's his role as FIGHTER in a French judo movie from 1967.


Sandra Bullock Is Named People’s ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ For 2015

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Sandra Bullock is the "2015 World's Most Beautiful Woman" according to People Magazine.

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