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Stephen Colbert Playfully Mocked All Of Rick Santorum’s Beliefs In The Weirdest Interview On TV Last Night

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National Treasure Stephen Colbert somehow manages to balance a comedy persona and legitimate journalism at once.

Former Presidents

George W. Bush Gave Jay Leno A Painting During A Surprisingly Entertaining ‘Tonight Show’ Visit

By | 40 Comments

Former President George W. Bush stopped by 'The Tonight Show' to debut his new painting and chat about his enduring legacy around the globe.


Your Mother Can Rest Easy, Adam Levine Is Officially People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’

By | 8 Comments

We now know that Adam Levine is officially sexiest man alive, closing yet another exciting chapter in this blogger's life.


Christian Bale Has Some Helpful ‘Batman’ Advice For Ben Affleck

By | 4 Comments

Bale recently praised Bat-Kid and threw out some great bathroom advice for Ben Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader.


Check Out The ‘Jingle Balls’ On Kmart And Joe Boxer In Their New Holiday Marketing


It's important to remember that "balls" is a word that brings out the giggle in most of us.


‘The Walking Dead’s’ David Morrissey Explains To Conan How Playing The Governor Ruined ‘Mad Men’ For Him

By | 5 Comments

David Morrissey continued his charming on couches tour last night with a stop by Conan to explain this phenomenon.

Alec Baldwin And Anderson Cooper Got Into A Twitter Feud Last Night. Maybe.

By | 27 Comments

An account connected to Alec Baldwin is lashing out at the CNN reporter over his response to Baldwin's recent paparazzi scuffle.


It’s Impossible To Not Pick Out Rob Ford In His Middle School Class Photo


Those of you who identified Young Tommy from Tommy Boy also receive points.


MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin’s ‘Up Late’ Following Yet Another Gay Slur

By | 30 Comments

Alec Baldwin is at it again, tussling with paparazzi and using slurs to get the job done.

the colbert report

John Lithgow, Katie Couric, & The Black Keys Competed To Give Stephen Colbert A Prostate Exam Last Night


Not to be outdone by Matt Lauer's live on-air prostate exam, American hero Stephen Colbert upped the ante last night.


The Guy In The Broncos Jersey Stole Colbert’s Segment On Colorado Drone Hunting

By | 4 Comments

The Colbert Report took to Deer Trail, Colorado last night to get the full story on that Drone Hunting novelty ordinance.


Here’s Video Of Rob Ford In A CFL Jersey Denying Eating P*ssy During A Live Press Conference

By | 30 Comments

I'll give Toronto mayor Rob Ford this: if there's one thing the guy knows how to do, it's up the ante on pure lunacy.


Welcome To Your Newest Vine Obsession Via This Hilarious Compilation

By | 3 Comments

Enjoy this hilarious Vine compilation from Logan Paul and try not to share it with friends, family and random grocery store clerks


Sir Ian McKellen Is Out There On The Streets Posing As A Homeless Person

By | 7 Comments

Sir Ian McKellen can add 'homeless' to his resume after several mistook him for a vagrant during a break from rehearsal in Melbourne, Australia.

Child Support

Don’t Look Now, Jenna Jameson Is Returning To Porn To Support Her Kids

By | 15 Comments

Troubled former porn star Jenna Jameson is stepping back in front of the cameras to support her children despite what common sense might dictate.

jason jones

Moving The NFL To Europe And F*cking Your Wife: ‘The Daily Show’ Unlocks The Keys To Getting People To Vote

By | 13 Comments

Angry people in the minority get out and vote and it's ruining our country. Thankfully, Jason Jones is on the job.


Should-Have-Been-Fired-A-Long-Time-Ago Washington Post Columnist Is Basically Daring Jeff Bezos To Fire Him Now

By | 17 Comments

Richard Cohen think it's "conventional" to want to gag at the thought of interracial marriage. Meanwhile, I just gagged at the thought of Richard Cohen.

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