School prayer

Michael ‘PS’ Hayes Is So Concerned About Kids Praying In School, He Wrote A Song About It

By | 18 Comments

Michael "Pure Sexy" Hayes is thinking about the children in his latest hot single.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Sometimes The Toilet Just Won’t Ever Flush

By | 51 Comments

On this week's episode of 'Total Divas,' Nattie shockingly passed Eva Marie for the title of Worst Person on this Series.

flying death machines

John Oliver Thinks That America’s Drone Program Is Absolutely Horrifying

By | 17 Comments

Armed American drones patrol the skies in many countries. This does not set will with the people in those countries.

#Weird Al Yankovic

Come For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Covering George Harrison, Stay For His Dancing


What is life? Life is "Weird Al" covering a George Harrison classic from "All Things Must Pass."


Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski Got Super Horny During A Game And Began Looking At Racy Instagram Pics

By | 2 Comments

Because what else are you going to do when you're sitting on the bench during a soccer game.


Hunter Pence Brought Back The Yes Movement To Rally Giants Fans

By | 8 Comments

Hunter Pence rallied San Francisco Giants fans for the MLB postseason by bringing back Daniel Bryan's YES Movement. We miss you, D-Bry.


This Production Truck Seems To Think The Undertaker Will Compete At WrestleMania 31

By | 17 Comments

A photo of a WrestleMania 31 production truck heavily features The Undertaker, sparking those annual rumors about him wrestling at the event.


The 10 Best Football Vines And GIFs From The Weekend

By | 8 Comments

Here's a roundup of the best football Vines and GIFs from the weekend.

Pee Wee Football blooper

This Kid Is The Cheapest Pee Wee Football Player In America

By | 24 Comments

This kid is so goddamn cheap. Threw a block on a guy for no damn reason. He's the worst.


The Nationals’ Steven Souza Made This Wild, Diving Catch In The Ninth Inning To Preserve A No-Hitter

By | 3 Comments

With two outs in the ninth, the Nationals needed some heroics by a rookie outfielder. He delivered in style.


Stephen King Has Come Under Fire From An Unlikely Source For His Next Film Adaptation

By | 7 Comments

The family of serial killer Dennis Rader is criticizing Stephen King for exploiting the murderers victims for a story.


Watch An Ohio State Coach Obliterate A ‘Streaker’ With A WWE-Style Take Down

By | 15 Comments

The best tackle of the day in college football came from this OSU coach.


This Giant Red Leech Is Nightmare Fuel Of The Worm Eating Variety

By | 12 Comments

A BBC documentary crew got a rare sight as they capture a Giant Red Leech making a nice meal out of a worm in 'Wonders of the Monsoon."

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