#Viral Videos

A Man Felt A Cockroach In His Ear, And Doctors Found 25 More Living Inside

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This story makes a strong case for wearing earplugs while asleep.

Disc Golf

This Deaf Guy Nailed A Disc Golf Ace And Promptly Lost His Mind

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The celebration might be better than the throw, and that's saying something.


An Ohio High School Returned A Butt Punt For A Touchdown


They're high schoolers, so go easy on them. That being said, #buttpunt.

#Kobe Bryant

Jim Buss Is Not Shutting Down The Possibility Of Kobe Bryant Returning Next Season


The Lakers superstar hasn't decided about whether or not he would return in 2016-17, but the Lakers VP of basketball operations is saying he would welcome a Kobe return.


The NBA Community Mourns The Late, Great Darryl Dawkins On Social Media


Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and more mourn Darryl Dawkins on social media.


Watch The Houdini Of Pee-Wee Quarterbacks Turn A Sack Into A Touchdown


This kid is the Pee-Wee football version of Madden 2004 Michael Vick.

#Ronda Rousey

This Marine Wants To Take Ronda Rousey To The Marine Ball In December

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Jarrod Haschert's social media campaign to take Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball in September is gaining steam.

#Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Is Really Mad That ESPN Suspended Curt Schilling

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The former vice-presidential candidate had some harsh words for the worldwide leader in sports on her facebook page.

#Michael Jordan

Watch Michael Jordan Dominate The 1994 Pippen All-Star Classic 15 Months After Retirement


Marvel at Michael Jordan's 52 points at the last game in Chicago Stadium after a 15-month absence during his first retirement.


Tennessee Titans Season Preview: They Got The Duck, Will They Still Suck?


Last Year: 2-14, Very bad Key Acquisitions: Marcus Mariota, Brian Orakpo Key Losses: Jake Locker, Michael Oher, Bernard “Patriots Killer” Pollard The Titans are Schrödinger’s team.

#Floyd Mayweather

Isaiah Thomas Handed Floyd Mayweather A Rare Loss When They Played Some Hoops

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Watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. take on Isaiah Thomas in some pickup basketball.

#Joe Flacco

Watch This Joe Flacco ‘Football Party’ Go From Painfully Boring To Elite


The Ravens' quarterback is bad at throwing parties but gets help from a pair of experts in this new ad from Pepsi.

#Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Says She Never Flicked A Fan’s Vagina

By | 12 Comments

When asked by a fan about the most ridiculous rumor she read about herself, Demi Lovato said, "That I 'flicked' a girl's vagina in a meet and greet."

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