Passionless Obama Sleepwalks Through Ferguson Press Conference, Weary Nation Weeps

08.18.14 3 years ago 71 Comments
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In the wake of last night’s heightened ugliness on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, President Obama held a press conference this afternoon to deliver some thoughts and answer some questions on the human grease fire that seems to be intensifying in the heartland. So, with things becoming increasingly distressing, the nation turned its weary eyes to its leader, hoping for some inspiration and, at the very least, anticipating some authority and reassurance. In other words, leadership.

The aforementioned weary nation got none of those things. Rather, the president’s press conference landed with a thud not unlike that of a mosquito flying into an armored car, inspiring even ardent Obama supporters take to Twitter to blast him for exuding the aura of someone who desperately wants to trade places with anyone in the world right now.

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Watch for yourself…

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Maybe Obama should accept Justin Bieber’s Ice Bucket Challenge so it’d wake him a up a little?

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Meanwhile, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is calling in the National Guard to help local law enforcement attempt to, ugh, keep the peace tonight? That should go well.

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