Bill O’Reilly To Miss Piggy: ‘You’d Better Watch It’


As we told you yesterday, over the weekend Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog responded to an allegation by Fox News that the Muppets were a liberal brainwashing tool for having portrayed an oil company exec in an unflattering light in their recent film. In a press conference to promote the film in Britain, Miss Piggy responded to the charge by saying that accusing the Muppets of being a propaganda tool is “like accusing Fox News of being, you know, news.”

Well you didn’t think Bill O’Reilly was going to take that laying down, did you?

“You’d better watch it,” O’Reilly said menacingly to Miss Piggy on his show last night after playing a clip of her comments for his viewers. O’Reilly then added, “And that goes for you too, puppies, kittens, handicapped children and unicorns. And rainbows.” (Well, not really on that last part, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he did!)

Now, in fairness, I’m sure the old blowhard was joking around a bit with Miss Piggy, but you just know that deep down inside he’d probably would mind crucifying her and Kermit outside his studio on 6th Avenue. It might be time to hire some personal security, guys.

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