Ron Swanson Is The Riddler, Also Dispenses Advice

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The photoshop wizards at Tauntr created the fantastic poster above after we all learned of his greatness Ron Swanson’s love of riddles. I’ll level with you; if Chris Nolan wants to make another Batman film with Nick Offerman channeling Swanson-ness as the Riddler, they can have all my money, bacon, and eggs.

We also spotted an excellent “free advice” flyer (below) posted on Twitpic by Molly Shebeneck. We already know Swanson can teach us how to be great, and now we can print out flyers to spread the greatness. The only thing that could make this flyer better is a series of riddles and clues, each more intricate than the last:

[Image credits: Tauntr, Janbird (1, 2), The Science Of Style, @ShebeMolly]

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