Rush Limbaugh Wants To Watch 'Sluts' Who Receive Birth Control Have Sex On The Internet

03.01.12 6 Comments

As you may have heard, birth control — yes, birth control — has become a hot button political topic in America of late, specifically the question of whether the health plans offered by religious institutions like the Catholic Church to employees should be forced to include birth control coverage. The argument against this is that people and institutions shouldn’t be forced to pay for things they don’t believe in, nevermind the countless number of things (like endless wars!) we are all forced to pay for with our tax dollars.


I’ve sort of been casually paying attention to this debate in shock and horror with my jaw agape. I mean, this is 2012, right? Republicans are really making birth control an issue in an election year?! It makes no sense at all and is frankly kind of depressing. After all, it’d be nice, as a modern man of the 21st century, to not feel the need to take a shower for merely pondering the thought of voting for a GOP candidate. Don’t they realize that they’re alienating an entire generation of voters by these efforts to force America back to the days of Leave It To Beaver by magic time machine?

And now, despite my best efforts to block out this whole sh*tshow, the main mouthpiece for conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, has come out to not only call women who get their birth control paid for by their health plans sluts, but to demand that they be forced to provide a service to others as a payment in return for getting free birth control — specifically, having their sex sessions broadcast ON THE INTERNET so people like him could watch. In other words, if you want birth control you’d better be cool with posting a sex tape online so he can fap to it. Yes, he really said that today…

Not surprisingly, Limbaugh has yet to condemn men whose health insurance covers prescriptions for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs — drugs he happens to be quite fond of when traveling abroad to countries notorious for sex tourism.

And speaking of birth control wars, don’t even get me started on this guy…

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