Sean Young Goes On Letterman To Beg For Jobs

10.05.11 7 Comments

Remember Sean Young? She was a pretty huge actress back in the 80s and early 90s, co-starring in such films as Blade Runner, Dune, Wall Street and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective among others. She was also cast to play Catwoman in the Tim Burton-directed first Batman film, but broke her arm falling off a horse and was later replaced by Kim Basinger.

She eventually fell off the map completely amid rumors she was, no pun intended, batsh*t insane, a rumor given legs when she attempted to steal Michelle Pfeiffer’s role in the Batman sequel by showing up unannounced on the set of the film dressed in a homemade Catwoman costume to try to coax Burton and Michael Keaton into firing Pfeiffer and hiring her as Pfeiffer’s replacement.

So last night, after having not appeared on the show in almost 20 years, Young was a guest on Letterman, where she proceeded to spend most of the interview, after filling in some biographical blanks, insisting that she’s not crazy and begging for Hollywood folk to give her jobs again. It was one of the most bizarre spectacles I’ve ever seen on television, and it was downright uncomfortable at times. See for yourself above.

Here she is in Blade Runner, in case you’d forgotten what she looks like…

And here she is being revealed to be a man in Ace Ventura…

Additionally, Feist was on Letterman last night as well, if you’re into that sort of thing…

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