Stephen Colbert May Join The Race For The Republican Presidential Nomination


Emboldened by the fact that he’s polling at 5% in the South Carolina GOP primary — even though he’s not in the race, higher than actual candidates Jon Huntsman and Buddy Roemer — Stephen Colbert hinted last night that he may toss his hat into the ring for the Republican nomination for president. I mean, why not?

“This, this just got real … God’s good with it. But obviously I still have to go home, sit down and talk it over with my money,” Colbert cracked. “So please join me (Thursday) night when I will make a major announcement here on The Report.”

Now, hypothetically, if he did run, he’d have a really difficult time getting on ballots. But he already has a super pac! And it’d be funny as hell, so let’s hope he goes for it. What better way for a comedian/satirist to illustrate the absurdity of the current GOP race than by actually joining it?

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