The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To New York’s Gay Marriage Bill

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06.28.11 5 Comments

If you hadn’t heard from, well, everywhere, the New York State Senate passed the Marriage Equality bill in a vote of 33 to 29.  The bill was passed nearly 40 years to the day after the Stonewall Riots.  Since talking about Senators is totally boring, let’s have a gallery of funny celebrity reactions on Twitter instead, shall we?  Also, we finally have a chance to use the photoshop I made ages ago of Steve Martin playing banjo in Alec Balwin’s bed.  I mean, I’ve had it as my screensaver for months and people thought it was weird.  Well who’s weird now, huh?
Special thanks to Buzzfeed, TheDailyWhat, and LGBTLaughs for finding most of these.

Called it.

Not a celeb Tweeter, but it’s about a celeb. Good enough for me.

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