The Daily Show Finally Addresses SOPA, PIPA


I recently read, and I sadly can’t recall where, that someone had attended a taping of the Daily Show and — in the Q&A session that takes place between Jon Stewart and his audience before each show — questioned why the show had yet to utter a word about SOPA and PIPA. Additionally, this person said that he or she was there on behalf of “the internet,” which I thought was pretty funny. Anyway, Stewart claimed at the time that he didn’t know much about SOPA and PIPA but that he obviously has “a lot of reading to do” in an effort to catch up on it.

So it came to be last night that Stewart devoted the opening segment of his show to the dastardly legislation. This had to ruffle some feathers close to home seeing as how the Comedy Central’s parent company, Viacom, is one of the main proponents of SOPA and PIPA. In fact, Stewart alluded to this during the skit last night, saying that Viacom’s lawyers had been ringing his phone all day.

Nevertheless, the bit went on — on the day where SOPA and PIPA was first and foremost on the internet’s hive mind, no less — and a righteous mocking was dished out, no doubt much to the chagrin of Viacom’s higher ups. In reference to his not being able to Wikipedia yesterday, Stewart joked, “What do they expect us to do? Go to the library, like a common masturbator?”

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

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