The ‘Daily Show’ Helps Fox News Figure Out Where It All Went So Horribly Wrong

11.08.12 19 Comments

One of the more interesting things about election night was watching people’s faces melt off on Fox News. Much of the rotating cast of Fox News personalities and guests seemed shocked — SHOCKED — by what was transpiring as numbers came rolling in over the course of the night. It’s as if they’d all been existing inside of a like-minded echo chamber that essentially amounted to a four year, continuously running attack ad against Obama and suddenly discovered that everything they believed to be true was a lie or something. Imagine that. And at no moment was this more evident than when Megyn Kelly turned to Karl Rove, who was unwilling to believe that Romney had lost Ohio, and asked earnestly if he was using real math to analyze the race or “math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better.”

Yes, that actually happened.

And then yesterday the sad state of denial and delusion continued, as the cable news network equivalent of the boy who cried wolf  on steroids looked deep within itself and only found fault only with others, namely the liberal media, Mother Nature, and a nation of slackers who just want to be given free stuff. Keep on living in that bubble, “Fair and Balanced” folks — the place Jon Stewart often refers to as “Bullshit Mountain.” We’ll be happy to sit back with Stewart and the rest of the sane, reasonable people and LOL at you for another four years.

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

And as an added bonus, Nate Silver was the guest on the show last night. His interview with Stewart is below…

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