The Daily Show Hilariously Takes On The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal


(ED. NOTE: I typically try to post any post-worthy Daily Show clips in the AM. However, due to a DVR MALFUNCTION, I didn’t get to watch it until this afternoon.)

As you may have heard, the Secret Service be creepin’. On hookers. In Colombia. It’s been reported that there was also cocaine involved. But hey, if you’re gonna have a hookers-n-blow party, might as well be in Colombia, amirite?!

Even better, one of the agents caught up in the scandal formerly worked on Sarah Palin’s detail and would often brag to his friends on Facebook how he enjoyed “checkin’ her out.” This was more than Jon Stewart could stand.

“How the f*ck does a Secret Service guy have a Facebook page where he posts pictures of himself guarding political figures?” Stewart wondered last night. “What, are Secret Service guys on Foursquare too? ‘Hey, just checkin’ in at the President’s previously-undisclosed location!’ As much as this scandal may indicate the need for new procedures and culture within the Secret Service, the problem may be more widespread.”

It’s all pretty remarkable, but…these guys are on the road constantly and need to blow off some steam somehow, right? LET THEM HAVE SOME DAMN HOOKERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!


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