The Daily Show Takes One More Good Shot At Fox News Before Going On Hiatus


With the Daily Show going on end of summer hiatus for the next two weeks, I imagine Jon Stewart walked into a meeting with his writers this week and said, “Okay boys…we’re gonna be gone for the next two weeks so lets do something to really burn the as$holes of those pricks at Fox News.” And, in typical fashion, they did.

After starting out making mention of Warren Buffett’s call earlier this week for the super-rich like himself to be taxed more, Stewart laid into Fox’s consistent two-pronged narrative that states: a) calling for the super-rich to be taxed is class warfare and b) the poor need to be taxed more, in the interest of fairness, before any consideration can even be given to raising taxes on billionaires. Of course, Stewart played a striking montage of personalities from Fox News and Fox Business going on and on about how the poor in America have it so good, what with 99% of them having refrigerators and all. No, that’s not class warfare at all. And then, for good measure, Stewart reminds us how far down the U.S. ranks in income disparity, barely above third world African dictatorships and such, and just below countries like Iran, Nicaragua, Cameroon and Cambodia.

Oh, Daily Show. You will be so missed. Please hurry back.

Video of the latest Fox News skewering is after the jump.

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

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