The James Van Der Beek 6 Stages Of Fame

By 04.10.12

I’m oddly fascinated by James Van De Beek’s career resurgence based entirely on self awareness. I thought he’d milked every ounce of it during his undeniably funny and likable reign of terror at Funny or Die. Then there was the Kesha video the kids I don’t understand seemed to enjoy. And tomorrow Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 finally premieres with The Beek playing himself on a show that looks genuinely promising.

The guy has just so fully embraced the awareness. It’s zen-like. He’s pretty much made me forget entirely that he was the inspiration for the term “punchable face.” It’s the foremost testament to clever self-deprecation, which I’ve long claimed is the fastest way to win people over. The problem is pride gets in the way and keeps most of us from properly channeling it, whereas The Beek has turned it into his Excalibur.

JVB continued to capitalize on Kimmel last night when he outlined “The James Van Der Beek 6 Stages of Fame” (copyright pending) to Jimmy. Video below. Worth the watch for Stage 5 alone. And for those of you who are viewing challenged at work, or otherwise, I’ve outlined the stages with accompanying quotes and Van Der Meme reaction GIFs so you won’t feel left out.

JKL via Buzzfeed

Stage 1 - What High School Did You Go To?

“People recognize you from a billboard maybe, and they don’t really know where you’re from.”

Stage 2 - Dude, You're That Guy From That Show!

“Now at least they know you’re an actor.”

Stage 3 - Oh My God You're Dawson!

Stage 4 - Oh My God You're James Van Der Beek!

“Proper name, it’s pronounced right.”

Stage 5 - Dude, You're Dawson

“As careers ebb and flow…” People tend to give you helpful reminders when you’re on the down slope.

Stage 6 - Aren't You The Guy From Saved By The Bell?

All hail The Beek!

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