What Will A GOP Debate Audience Boo/Cheer For Next?

09.23.11 2 Comments

Did you, like me, torture yourself by watching last night’s GOP debate? I have no idea why I did — they just keep getting asked the same questions and keep giving the same answers over and over. And there’s always something that happens with the audience that just rapes my soul in every way possible. In the past two debates it was the audience cheering for increased executions and the hypothetical death of a young person devoid of health insurance. The soul-raping in last night’s Google-sponsored debate (Talk about AWKWARD for Rick Santorum!) came in the form of members of the audience booing a gay soldier. A soldier in the U.S. military who has laid his life on the line for his country. THEY BOOED HIM. It’s all sadly in the video embedded above.

What do you think of that, Anderson Cooper?

So this got me to thinking — what will they boo or cheer for in the next debate? I’m setting odds now…

The will boo:

Puppies: 20/1

Unicorns: 15/1

Hot apple pie: 12/1

Long walks on the beach: 5/1 (Totally gay!)

A long-haired, bearded man who befriends a prostitute and champions the poor: 3/2

They will cheer:

Chastity belts for the non-married: 10/1

Paintings of Jesus on the cross at every polling place: Even

War with any number of predominantly Muslim counties we aren’t already at war with: 5/3

No taxes on anything, ever: 1/5

The sad thing is that the Dems are too spineless and horrible at message to take advantage of any of this sort of nonsense, which is why I’m throwing all my support to Leslie Knope in 2012.

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