You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Cheesy Poofs At Walmart


Years ago, when South Park first took to the air, Comedy Central — in an effort to promote their new animated show — distributed some show-related swag, if you will, to members of the media. A friend who worked at a local radio station as a DJ was a recipient of such South Park swag, and one day — deep enough into the series that I’d become hooked on it — I was at his place and noticed a box of Cheesy Poofs on his kitchen counter.

“OMG you have Cheesy Poofs?! Where did you get these?”

“Comedy Central sent them to me to promote that South Park show of theirs. You can have them if you want them.”

“Um, YES.”

And so it came to be that I owned a box of Cheesy Poofs, which I never opened, that I kept in my kitchen among the cereal boxes and such for some time. But then I moved into a building in NYC that had a horrible ant problem, and the ants got into the Cheesy Poofs and I had to throw it out, and I was sad. Very sad.

But now, finally, I can have Cheesy Poofs again! And I’ll be able to buy them at Walmart, it seems.

The fictional Cheeto-like snack food is coming to a Walmart near you in honor of “South Park’s” 15th year on Comedy Central. The bag features the same trademark rocket ship seen on the animated show, and I’m imagining the contents are cheesy and poofy.

Not to mention devoid of nutritional value.

The novelty item will be manufactured and distributed by Frito-Lay, according to Reuters. They’ll be available for a limited time this fall for $2.99 per 2 3/8-ounce bag. Pricey, but likely worth it for South Park fans.

Additionally, the network is also celebrating the show’s 15th season with a huge exhibit at this year’s Comic Con. Reports Reuters:

Leading up to Comic-Con, the network has launched Year of the Fan, a promotional onslaught that asks viewers to send in “South Park”-inspired artwork for possible inclusion on the official website and involves a 15,000-square-foot exhibit at the San Diego event called “The Ultimate ‘South Park’ Fan Experience.”

The network is also producing a behind-the-scenes “South Park” documentary that will air in the fall.

Sing it with me now…”I love cheesy poofs, you love cheesy poofs! If we didn’t eat cheesy poofs, we’d be laaaaaaame!”

Oh, and never forget Cartman’s hilarious attempt to become the face of Cheesy Poofs…

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