The 20 Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

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Last Updated: April 19th

If you want to find good scary movies on Netflix to watch, the streaming service is a great platform for a meat-cleaving marathon. From ghosts to vampires, zombies, and monsters, just about every morbid fantasy your demented mind can conjure has representation in the scariest films available. Forget Googling all the horror film choices in the overcrowded menu — we’ve already watched the best horror movies on Netflix right now, and here they are ranked from beastly to blood-curling. Now, sit back, heat up some pizza, and ignore the ghoul standing ominously at the end of your driveway.

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20) The Fury (1978)

Brian De Palma’s post-Carrie telekinesis film is far from the great achievement its predecessor was, but it is nonetheless pulpy good fun that delivers one of the most literally explosive climaxes in horror history. Be prepared for some very, very ’70s moments, including the sight of an orange-colored Kirk Douglas in short-shorts on a beach, firing a machine gun. Amy Irving’s giant eyes have never been put to better use.

19) Pontypool (2008)

This Canadian horror film traps several employees of a radio station at work as their broadcast shifts from entertaining the residents of a small Ontario town to trying to save them — and themselves. As a virus begins to spread through language itself, forcing the townspeople to commit horrific acts, host Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) rushes to find a cure before everyone is consumed by it. Pontypool works as a clever low-budget film, a smart take on the zombie genre, and an allegory portraying the power of language and mass communication.

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18) The Hallow (2015)

Corin Hardy made his feature directorial debut with this tale of a young married couple who move into a charming rural home in Ireland — only to be stalked by a race of vicious forest-dwelling creatures who have designs on their infant son.The Hallow is a gloomy tale punctuated by a series of brutally effective sequences of horror in the final 45 minutes, but there’s real feeling beneath the frights, making it clear why Hardy was chosen to direct Relativity’s continually delayed reboot of The Crow.

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