Someone Compiled Nearly Every Movie Bill Clinton Watched While President

01.29.16 1 year ago 7 Comments
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Some people really want to know why Hillary Clinton continued to use her personal email address after becoming Secretary of State. Others seek the truth for an even more important question: What movies did her husband watch on December 26, 1998? We don’t have an answer for the former, but we do know the latter. It’s Life is Beautiful and The Prince of Egypt.

Paleofuture’s Matt Novak used the Freedom of Information Act to discover every movie Bill Clinton saw while he was the President of the United States of America. It’s weirdly fascinating to learn that on February 27, 1993, he enjoyed Groundhog Day, or on June 6, 1999, he finally got to see, and be disappointed by, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Clinton — who mostly watched new movies, as opposed to old classics — viewed 171 films between 1993 and 2001, beginning with Lorenzo’s Oil and ending on Chocolat.

How does that compare to other presidents? While in office, Ronald Reagan reportedly saw 363 movies; Jimmy Carter, 403; and Richard Nixon, an astounding 528, including The Notorious Landlady on June 17, 1972, the night five men were arrested for breaking into the Watergate complex. As for that other Oval Office scandal: Novak notes Clinton “watched just three movies in 1996, and only seven in 1997. This seems… unlikely.” Then again, Monica Lewinsky’s “sexual encounters” with the President all happened between November 1995 and March 1997, so he was a little distracted.

Check out the full list of movies over at Paleofuture, and no, Primary Colors is not on there. He was too busy waiting to see Bulworth.

(Via Paleofuture)

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