This Fan-Made ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Trailer Will Make Your Cyborg Implants Tingle With Excitement

By: 09.23.16

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After months of controversy and complaints surrounding the apparent whitewashing of the Ghost in the Shell film adaptation, Paramount Pictures released our first look at the film over social media in the form of five clips. The videos are brief and tantalizing and have the internet buzzing in a good way, bringing hope to the possibility that the movie based on the classic 1989 manga and anime franchise will be just as amazing as its source material.

But while Paramount seems to have hit a promotional home run with its unusual clip release, there’s still something to be said for the more typical trailer format. Not to worry, though… YouTube user and fan trailer master Tim Gonzales was more than up to the task of taking the small bits of footage and turning them into a one-minute promotional video guaranteed to make the hair on your neck stand up.

The video brings back the iconic Ghost in the Shell theme from the first film written by composer Kenji Kawai and puts it over the shots of Scarlett Johansson and Beat Takeshi as they navigate a futuristic cyberpunk Japan. The new Ghost in the Shell movie comes out March 17, 2017, and after this glimpse we honestly can’t wait.

If you dig this one-minute rendition of the theme, why stop there? Get your full dose of the creepily beautiful song in this 18-minute live orchestral rendition:

(Via Polygon)

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