HBO NOW October Highlights (Including ‘Deadpool’ And ‘Westworld’)

By: 09.21.16

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October is nearly here, and as the air gets a bit of that fall nip, people like to grab their pumpkin spice lattes and then settle in on the couch for some quality content. HBO NOW is here for you, bringing in tons of new films and television series this month, including the series premieres of Westworld, Divorce, and Insecure, which promise to be your latest obsessions from HBO. Additionally, Deadpool is making his debut on the streaming platform, as well as Ride Along 2, By the Sea, and the extended edition of Poltergeist.


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This foul mouthed mercenary won over fans pretty much immediately with its stripped down violence and winking tone. On top of being a critical success, Deadpool was one of the highest grossing superhero films of all time, as well as the second highest grossing R-rated film at the time. Ryan Reynolds made it clear that not only was he born to play this role, but superhero films didn’t have to be all doom and gloom. They could even be fun.


Everyone is looking for that show to fill the hole in our hearts that Game of Thrones leaves in the off season, and it looks like Westworld is going to be our best shot. As things start to go wrong in a luxury theme park/old timey robot town, violence and morality come to a head. With a great cast including Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, and Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld is here to challenge us all on what makes us human.


If you’re familiar with Issa Rae, it’s probably from her award winning web series, “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” Rae is bringing that same hilarious sensibility to prestige television with Insecure, about one woman struggling with relationships, work, and being an adult in her late twenties. While that may seem like a topic that has been done to death, Rae brings a fresh new take on the stereotypical Millennial existence.

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