‘The Magnificent Seven’ Is Being Restaged In A Video Game Tournament

By: 09.19.16

USA Today

The Magnificent Seven is, if you stop and think about it, perfect for a video game. It’s basically a tower defense story, where you’ve got seven specialty units that have to be deployed in the right way to defeat waves of enemies. Somebody at MGM and Sony finally realized this, and so today we’re getting a Magnificent Seven video game tournament.

The idea is pretty straightforward. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been reskinned for this stunt in an Old West theme, and seven CS:GO players will be running around a special Western-themed map trying to wipe out the invading black hats. Ultimately, this being a video game tournament, they’ll go up against each other to decide the winning player. Since the whole goal is to get you to watch Sony and MGM’s Western, out Friday, a few of the movie’s stars will be showing up to cheer players on and show off some new footage from the movie.

Sadly, right now, it doesn’t look like CS:GO fans will be getting the map in question, which is a bit of a shame. It’d freshen up the terrorists versus counterterrorists routine if you could occasionally make it white hats versus black hats. But at least it’s not an entire team of McCrees in Overwatch!

(via Deadline)

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