Riz Ahmed Teases That ‘Rogue One’ Will Be ‘A Little Edgier’ Than Your Average ‘Star Wars’ Film

By: 09.16.16


The wait until the actual release of Rogue One is becoming nearly impossible to bear. As fans await the next Star Wars installment, we cling to every bit of new information that ekes out. If we have to wait until Christmas, damn it, we’re going to comb over every new quote and interview looking for clues.

Riz Ahmed, star of the recent HBO series The Night Of, plays hotshot Rebel pilot (with Empire ties) Bohdi, who he describes as “a little intense, a little volatile.” Ahmed is also adamant that Rogue One will bring a different kind of vibe to the Star Wars universe, telling The Wrap:

“The film is about complex characters and loyalties and murky pasts… The film is a little edgier, with people making these huge compromises. History isn’t always clear.”

Rogue One is the first of the Star Wars anthology films, so there is a small bit of risk in its release. A Star Wars film largely without Jedi? Another attempt at a prequel? However, the trailers look gorgeous and the talent involved is nothing to scoff at. Ahmed assures fans that Rogue One will keep up the renewed quality, saying “I don’t think it will disappoint.”

We’ll have to wait until December 16 to see if he’s correct (he probably is), so until then, let’s rewatch the latest trailer, shall we?

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(Via The Wrap)

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