Scarlett Johansson Is Deep In Futuristic Action In The First Teasers For ‘Ghost In The Shell’

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The Ghost In The Shell film is on its way and if you saw the season finale of Mr. Robot earlier tonight, you caught the first five teasers for the film in ten-second snippets. They’ve been uploaded to YouTube in all their futuristic, robotic, poorly hairstyled glory for us to pore over . Scarlett Johansson is Major Motoko Kusanagi, out to stop cyber criminals and hackers with Public Security Section 9 in order to keep Niihama, Japan safe for all the weird cybernetic joy people seem to be having.

Takeshi Kitano looks ridiculous with his hairstyle, but his presence is welcome in a film that has garnered a lot of criticism from Johansson’s casting as Kusanagi. Judging from past adaptations of classic anime and manga properties, that should likely be the least of fans’ concerns — never forget the travesty of Dragonball: Evolution. This at least seems poised to be a faithful adaptation with that Blade Runner feel you expect from a classic cyberpunk story. If I wasn’t aware of the source material, I would be interested to see where this goes based on the teasers alone. It has at least earned an HBO viewing at this point, with more once we get details about the film and a full trailer. I’m not prepared to write it off in some sort of blind Ghostbusters rage.

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