May The Rumors Be With You: A Round-Up Of The Biggest ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Theories And Speculation


There’s no shortage of rumors about Star Wars: Episode VIII. Yoda might make an appearance. Mark Hamill’s missing beard might be a clue to where Luke winds up. Snoke’s backpack might have jets, since he’s Boba Fett. But there are so many out there it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all, so here’s an overview of recent theories from the credible to the goofy.

Rey’s Visions Will Reveal Why Luke Went Into Hiding

According to fan site Making Star Wars, Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens isn’t going to be an isolated incident. Most of this seems to hinge on actors and their props returning, and that Rey will fill in a few blanks before and after that shot of Luke resting his hand on Artoo in order to say goodbye.

Plausible?: It seems to line up with the facts as we know them, namely that Luke is reluctant to take on new padawans and Rey has a bit of a psychic thing going on. And it seems likely they’re going to fill in what Luke’s been doing these last 30 years; a psychic vision is as good a vehicle for that as any.

The Knights Of Ren Are Going To Show Up

This not only has YouTubers ranting, it’s backed up by eyewitness accounts. Apparently Kylo is going to get his boys and try to teach the girl that whipped his whiny ass a lesson, namely that bullies tend to act tougher when they’ve got a bunch of people backing them up.

Plausible?: Why wouldn’t the Knights of Ren show up, really? Their boy got his butt kicked, and they’re a bunch of Sith wannabes just like him. Fighting some actual Jedi is what they live for. Now, actually surviving a fight against a Jedi who’s spent 30 years meditating on the horrible things these punks did to his padawans, and the raw talent he’s been training who was dangerous before she tapped into the Force, that’s another matter entirely.

The Trailer Will Arrive Tagged To Assassin’s Creed

A Redditor screenshotted an Instagram of a memo that looks watermarked from another website that supposedly leaks a whole bunch of trailer dates, including Episode VIII‘s teaser arriving in theaters on December 20, which would mean you’d probably see it in theaters before Assassin’s Creed.

Plausible?: The overall date is weird. Why would the trailer arrive on the Tuesday before Christmas? Especially on a memo that claims the Justice League trailer will arrive in the theatrical doldrums between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Why not tag it to Doctor Strange? Or, even more obviously, Rogue One? That said, Disney is a firm believer in synergy, so the trailer might arrive on, say, ABC or ESPN a few days early before officially being put into theaters, and the general timeframe sounds right, as the first Force Awakens trailer arrived over Thanksgiving. So, maybe not the exact date, but definitely in that range.

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