‘Star Wars Go Rogue’ Chapter 3 Is Packed With Easter Eggs And Possible ‘Rogue One’ Plot Details

By: 09.16.16

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is obviously going to have its own extensive line of toys and collectibles, and Lucasfilm has been unveiling them in a fun way with a series of Robot Chicken-esque stop-motion shorts. In Star Wars Go Rogue Chapters 1 and 2, action figure Jyn Erso and her plastic Rebel pals tracked down one half of the Lego Death Star’s building instructions, and now the search continues for the other half.

Interestingly, Star Wars Go Rogue Chapter 3 shows some things that have, thus far, barely been hinted at during the promotion of Rogue One. According to the video YouTube description, Chapter 3 takes place on the “rain-soaked Eadu,” a planet we know is in Rogue One, but have received very few details about. The video also prominently features Pao, a character we’ve just barely glimpsed in trailers, and Jyn and the Rebels commandeering control of an AT-AT. Of course, these Go Rogue shorts diverge from the plot of Rogue One somewhat, but could stealing the controls to an AT-AT be something that happens in the movie?

Chapter 3 is also packed with all sorts of Easter eggs. The 1138 code Director Krennic enters to open the case is a reference to THX 1138, George Lucas’ first feature, and at 2:25 we see a 12-inch stormtrooper action figure bonk his head on a door frame, a reference to this infamous bit of clumsiness. There’s even more fun stuff to catch if you watch closely.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16, and the toys should be flooding Walmart imminently.

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