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The Juggalos, They Gathered

By / 08.15.11
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As you may have heard, the Gathering of the Juggalos -- the three day orgy of insanity where Insane Clown Posse fans annually congregate -- was held this past weekend in Detroit, and it appears as though everyone escaped alive and unmaimed, though Charlie Sheen only did so by the drug-tainted skin of his rotting teeth. Yes, Sheen was this year's Tila Tequila, because, let's face it -- somebody had to be, and what else is he going to do?

The man with “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA” got a less-than enthusiastic response when he asked the Faygo-drinking crowed if they were “Whu-whu-winning.” After failing to provide more inspiring banter, the unruly crowed started to boo, hiss and pelt Sheen with a variety of objects. Before leaving the stage, Sheen deftly managed to catch one of the projectiles.

On the flip side, MC Hammer was the hit of the weekend, bringing the house down with his performance of "U Can't Touch This" on a stage filled with gyrating Juggalos. Video of Sheen and Hammer's performances are after the jump, along with a few photos from the Gathering I wrangled up.

Here is Charlie Sheen tanking, again...

Here is MC Hammer with the Juggalos in the palm of his hand.

Of course Ron Jeremy was there. Of course he was.

(Via Village Voice)

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(via Flickr)

(Via Flickr)

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(Via Village Voice)

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