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By / 10.19.11

A confession: All day I have kept a browser tab open to the YouTube page for this song. I’ve replayed/rewatched it at least five times, hoping to find reasons to hate it. And I just can’t. I like this song, “Paradise,” by Coldplay. And I like the trippy rabbit video. It reminds me of Donnie Darko. So sue me.

When I first heard that the band was releasing a new LP later this month, I swore that I’d try my best to be objective about it, as it’s just inherent for people of the internet to hate Coldplay. It’s an unwritten rule. But if the first release off of the album is any indication, I just might like the damn thing. Aside from Chris Martin’s voice, which kind of annoys me at times, “Paradise” is pretty chill yet soaring at the same time. Does that make any sense?

Bottom line: I LIKE THIS FREAKING COLDPLAY SONG, OKAY. Hate on me all you want. See if I care! (Slams laptop closed and hurriedly shuffles away in shame.)

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