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Converse Got Gorillaz, Andre 3000, And James Murphy To Make A Song Together

By / 02.29.12

Gorillaz special track “DoYaThing” featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy dropped last week as part of the Converse’s monster collabo initiative, “3 Artists, 1 Song.” The track comes complete with limited edition Gorillaz Chuck Taylors, and now the video is here for us to behold.

When I initially heard about Converse playing producer I was skeptical, as I am wont to be when any idea sounds overly manufactured, or like the work of stoners, but I have to say after a few listens I’m digging this track, even if I can take or leave the video (maybe I’m the *sshole but if you’ve seen one Gorillaz video, you’ve seen them all). I had no idea how much I’d missed Andre 3000.

So, I guess, bravo Converse? First you seem to be cool with Breaking Bad Chuck Taylors and now you’ve engineered a cool musical collaboration without making it all about yourself. You guys are like the anti-Lucasfilm. Video after the jump. Solo audio track (sans video sound effects) here.



I want more like this!

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