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Aaron Paul Starred In Everlast’s ‘White Trash Beautiful’ Video

By 09.05.12

As Robo mentioned earlier today, we here at UPROXX are pretty much wholly devoted to digging up every pre-Breaking Bad TV thing Aaron Paul ever did, because we’re not obsessed or anything. No way. Not at all.

So of course I feel it’s my duty to post this here Everlast video from 2004 in which Paul plays a truck driver who’s dating a “White Trash Beautiful” trailer park-dwelling girl — one who’s way prettier than trailer park-dwelling girl I’ve ever known, mind you, and I’ve known plenty of trailer park-dwelling girls in my life.

I can’t wait to see what kind of vintage Aaron Paul nugget pops up next. As I mentioned when I posted the KoRn video he starred in a while back, my money’s still on him being a flunky in AJ’s crew in an episode of The Sopranos.

(HT: Stacy Craig)


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