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We Defy You Not To Be Mesmerized By This GIF Of Beyonce's Butt

By 09.18.12

Inspired by the amazing GIF Maske posted earlier, this passed across my Tumblr dashboard and — after fighting off the trance it held me under for a good minute or so — I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post it.

I have no context to add to it — I’ve no idea where it came from or how long it’s circulated on the web — but I think the whole time I was looking at it I thought, “Man Jay-Z how do you handle that much ass?!” The answer: being more of a man that I am.

And speaking of Jay-Z, he’s partying with POTUS tonight, much to the chagrin of the folks at Fox Nation…

Whatever, Beyonce’s booty could crush Netanyahu’s head like a walnut, so DUH! of course Obama’s hanging with Hova.

(HT: Rillawafers)

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