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Here’s A Video Of Justin Bieber Puking While On Stage (Then Quoting ‘Anchorman’), If That’s Your Thing

By 09.30.12

Perhaps hearing his music for the first time, Justin Bieber was performing at a show in Arizona last night when, while in the middle of “Baby Girl Honey XOXO You’re My Dream, Boo,” the swaggy bro extraordinaire puked. The Beebs then ran off-stage, but not before a mob of tweens began rioting, Jack White-style, to grab some of that precious, precious vomit, probably. OK, pretty much exactly that.

The “Oh, I Just Want to Smell Your Sweet Essence Tonight” singer later tweeted:

Expect a CNN trend piece about impressionable, image conscious teenage girls vomiting next month.

(Via Reddit)

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