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Watch A Montage Of Music Greats We Lost In 2012

By 12.30.12

Adam “MCA” Yauch. Levon Helm. Etta James. Earl Scruggs. Whitney Houston. Kitty Wells. We lost a lot of great musicians this year, so the New York Times put together a montage to pay tribute to those who died in 2012.

The video’s great, but I’d also suggest reading the YouTube comments, for reactions like this:

omg levon helms died this year? he was a legend, the band is immortal.

I never actually heard about Donna Summer having died this past year! So much talent gone.. RIP.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? They comment on YouTube videos, but didn’t know an “immortal” artist died? The only comment that makes less sense than those:

I cried when i heard about Ravi.

Haha, nobody cried when they heard about Ravi; they began playing a sitar solo that’s still going.

(Via NY Times)


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