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Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week


The best new singles of the week, including releases from FIDLAR, World's Fair, and Arctic Monkeys.


A True American Hero Has Been Attributing Hitler, Stalin & Bin Laden Quotes To Taylor Swift On Pinterest

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Emily Pattinson, you're my new hero for creating this Pinterest page laying Hitler quotes over Taylor Swift pics.

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Do You Want To See Muhammad Ali And Liberace Perform A Song Together?

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Back in 1963, Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) performed a song with Liberace on the Jack Paar Show. Have a great weekend.


Miranda Cosgrove Is Distressingly Attractive In These 'School Of Rock' Cast Reunion Photos

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"School of Rock" turned 10 years old, and the cast reunited in Austin to celebrate the film.


Is Robin Thicke Playing A Little Grab-Ass With A Female Fan In This Photo? Why Yes, We Think He Is!

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Come for the pic of Robin Thicke grabbing ass with a female fan, stay for the ridiculous Miley Cyrus/horse GIF!


8 Riveting Rock Documentaries To Watch This Weekend Instead Of 'One Direction: This Is Us'

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A guide to some of the most riveting rock documentaries, including "Westway to the World" and "The Last Waltz."


Watch Phoenix Perform Outside The Palace Of Versailles At Dawn


To help kick off your Labor Day weekend, please enjoy Phoenix performing an acoustic set outside the Palace Of Versailles at dawn.


Here's A Very Interesting Cover Of AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell'

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Music artist Jess Greenberg recorded one hell of a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell."


Jay Pharoah Does Kanye West Better Than Kanye West Does Kanye West

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Is there anyone out there doing impressions better than Jay Pharoah right now? His Kanye West is near-perfect.

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Listen To Paul McCartney's Aptly-Titled New Song, 'New'

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Paul McCartney has a new song and it's called, well, "New."


‘Blurred Lines’ Is Approaching The ‘Most Popular Song Of All-Time’ Record

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"Blurred Lines" has been the top song in the country for 12 straight weeks. It's approaching a very important musical record.


You Just Knew Fox News Would Do Something Special On The 50th Anniversary Of The March On Washington

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Fox News reporting a Wall Street Journal story about rap music makes Rupert Murdoch very happy.

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Listen To Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’s Duet, ‘Twerk’ — Or Don’t If You Have Respect For Yourself

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Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus recorded a song called "Twerk" together, because God hates you.

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Kanye West And Miley Cyrus Allegedly Teamed Up For A Remix Of ‘Black Skinhead’

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After the VMAs, rumor has it Miley Cyrus joined Kanye West for a remix of "Black Skinhead."

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J-Dilla’s Uncle Is Going To Open Up A Detroit Donut Shop Called ‘Dilla’s Delights’


The highly influential and Detroit born hip-hop producer, who died in 2006, is going to have a gourmet donut store named in his honor. It's going to become a destination for both music and food lovers.

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Revisiting The First ‘Madden’ Soundtrack From 2003

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More than 10 years ago, Audiovent was big enough to appear on a Madden NFL video game. How times have changed.