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The ‘Asian Girlz’ YouTube Defenses Are Somehow Worse Than ‘Asian Girlz’ Itself

By 08.01.13

day above ground

I don’t think the guys in Day Above Ground, a.k.a. California’s Nickelback, are racist. Misguided idiots? Sure. Unable to comprehend good satire? Yup. Should have worn shirts? Certainty. But racist? Eh. In “Asian Girlz,” they tried to write a song that made fun of white men being fascinated with Asian women, and failed miserably. Oh wellz.

If you want to see REAL racism, head to Darkey Springs Road in Tennessee or glance at the YouTube comments section, where hatred burns as bright as the yellow bandana people like “whitepower69” think all Latin people wear to signify their gang affiliation. Naturally, they had a field day defending and loving “Asian Girlz.”

I’m a white guy and I am surprised how desperate Asian woman are when it comes to white people. It’s honestly to easy to get an Asian girlfriend these days, but honestly, I’m going to keep dating these broads as long as they keep giving it up. cheers boys!

asian girlz

If the Lonely Island was the band, no one would give a crap. I laughed at it and Levy is hot.

asian girlz

I think this song should change it to “ALL MY CHINESE GIRLS” Hey, I’m asian and my race don’t go crazy submitting to white men. The easiest Asian (i’m sorry but it is the truth) is the chinese girls, it’s amazing how they will spread their legs for free for a white man and they call other asian girls sluts?

asian girlz

Thought it was funny. They should do a mexican girlz video lol would love to see how they stereotype them lol

asian girlz

White people are not the problem you morons. The American Media’s Social Engineering of their populace is the problem.

asian girlz

I don’t know why Asian girls are so mad, this is what every white boy thinks about them, yet they still go out and date them and fuck them on a regular basis. But now that they make their feelings public, Asian women are NOW getting offended?!? Truth hurts huh Asian ladies?

asian girlz

I’m sorry but it’s true, I don’t make the “hierarchical order” it is what it is. As long as Viet girls keep using their bodies to gain popularity and respect by the white community, they will always be looked down upon by the Asian community. And remember, a white mans Asian is an Asian mans Trash.

asian girlz

many things they said are common in the asian community. why should i be offended if i eat sticky rice, and somebody calls me out for eating sticky rice? like “you asians eat sticky rice and celebrate new year in february and have small eyes”. well most of us do. and those arent bad things. if the bands objective was to stir up controversy then they definitely have succeeded. im glad alot of ppl care about the asian community.

asian girlz

Its not offensive i suppose. Its like a British person appearing in a music video about British people drinking tea and whether the cream goes on the scone first before the jam, or the other way around. Alternatively a song about the French and their stereotypically French food. No reason for her not to I guess.

The skimpy clothing is a different matter though :P

asian girlz



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