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Did A Teen Girl Break Her Dog’s Neck Because One Direction Wouldn’t Follow Her On Twitter?

By 09.13.13

od fan

Hey, here’s something awful to put into your overflowing “Teens Are the Worst” folder: upset over the fact that One Direction wouldn’t follow her on Twitter, a teen girl who goes by @illumivato allegedly killed her pet dog.

The obsessed admirer allegedly broke her beloved Chihuahua’s neck after a desperate message to four of the band’s five singers went ignored. She initially tweeted the boys from her @illumivato account on Aug. 29, according to widespread reports in South American and Spanish media.

“Follow me or I’ll break my dog’s neck,” she wrote in a post.

Unsurprisingly, her message was not picked up by the warblers, who receive millions of tweets every day. Fed up with the lack of a response, she again took to the microblogging site several days later. Writing specifically to Liam Payne, she reportedly wrote: “I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died.” (Via)

This could be a hoax, but would you put it past a One Direction fan to become a future serial killer?

(Via NY Daily News)

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