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10 Beloved Christmas Songs That Never Ever Needed To Be Covered By These Bands

By / 12.11.13

Back in 1963, the Beach Boys released an original Christmas tune entitled, “Little Saint Nick” that basically combined their brand of surf rock crooning with an appreciation of Santa Claus. Honestly, almost all of the Beach Boys’ songs sound the same to me, but the sound and, more specifically, this song belonged to them. It isn’t a surprise that another band would eventually cover “Little Saint Nick,” but you’d think that band would have tried to at least put a little of its own spin on it. Not Sugar Ray, which released this version of “Little Saint Nick” that sounds exactly the same.

Hey, speaking of a little spin, sometimes there’s such a thing as way too much spin. Take Everclear, for instance, who probably thought that they’d be so clever and unique by singing a song like “Santa Baby” that has traditionally been sung by women.

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If nobody has ever told Art Alexakis that he tries too hard, someone should have right after Everclear recorded that. I still love “Santa Monica,” though.

Sometimes the cover song is just a spur of the moment thing that occurs during a live concert (that is later released as an album, of course) like when 80s pop star Corey Hart busted out this interesting rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

I have all the respect in the world for Corey for trying, but at some point he had to have realized that he was never going to be more than the second billed act at city fairs and BBA festivals, so he should have just played “Sunglasses at Night” twice and thanked everyone for coming out.

One of the more popular modern songs – if not the most popular original Christmas song of the last 30 years – is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and I say that as a male adult who isn’t afraid to admit that he rocks out to it whenever it comes on. Because of the amazing job that Carey did with this song, it’s nearly impossible for any other band or singer to cover it, because the original is a 10/10. Still, My Chemical Romance went for it.

I’m going to tread lightly here because I know that even though the band is done, its fans are still among the most rabid of the old pop punk/punk pop/emo/scream/Tweedle Dweemo movements, and I’ve actually enjoyed several of their songs. But come on, Gerard. From chord numero uno, red flags should have been flying everywhere.

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