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Donald Trump Trades Blows With His Fictional Counterpart, Ebenezer Scrooge, In The Latest Epic Rap Battle

By 12.19.13

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We’re big fans of the Epic Rap Battle guys. And their latest creation — a holiday-themed video pitting Donald Trump against his fictional prototype, Ebenezer Scrooge — only reinforces those feelings.

The Donald matching rhymes with Ebenezer makes for an entertaining Grinch-off, but things really pick up when Scrooge is visited by a trio of ghosts: three of the grumpiest grumps to ever grump.

As an added bonus, here’s last year’s holiday-themed Epic Rap Battle, in which Santa Claus goes up against Moses. Moses is played by Snoop Dogg, obviously. *MEGYN KELLY’S HEAD EXPLODES*

Epic Rap Battles of History

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