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Jay Z Did An Interview In 1997 Sitting Next To Two Women Engaged In Oral Sex

By 01.10.14

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Jay Z better turn off Beyoncé’s Google Alert for him; otherwise, she’s gonna be in for quite the surprise.

Reddit uncovered video of an interview Jay Z did in 1997, around the time of In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. The clip comes from 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell adult movie series Luke’s FreakShowaccording to Consequence of Sound, “the films featured appearances from a cavalcade of celebrities, everyone from NFL linebacker Ray Lewis to NBA player Vince Carter to comedian Cedric the Entertainer.” And a visibly uncomfortably, baby-faced Jay Z, who discusses his music and answers flaccid-hitting questions…while two women have oral sex beside him.

It’s fun/horrifying to imagine the HOT TAKES that would’ve happened if this interview had been filmed yesterday. The only question is: would HuffPo go with “JAY Z COMMITS BONER” or IT’S ALL HOVA NOW, BABY BLUE?

We can’t embed the video, but if you want to see it, click here. You’ve been NSFWarned.

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Reddit via Consequence of Sound


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