Eight Of The Best Tattoos Inspired By Music

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(Image courtesy of Mez Love on Flickr.) (Image courtesy of Mez Love on Flickr.)

Some people are casual fans of a band. Some people own all the albums. Some, however, are driven to interpret how the music makes them feel through getting a tattoo, bringing their own unique expression to how they see their favorite songs. Here’s a look at some of the eight best tattoos inspired by music.

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(Image courtesy of Felipe Neves on Flickr.) (Image courtesy of Felipe Neves on Flickr.)

It’s true there are a lot of Metallica tattoos out there, ranging from the band to the album art. But this one stands out because it’s both a tough tattoo to get and unmistakable. People will think most album art is just a tattooist’s fever dream; this one means there’s no mistaking it.

(image courtesy of  Iñaki Mateos on Flickr.) (image courtesy of Iñaki Mateos on Flickr.)

That said, there are some images that are just so iconic, so tied to one band, that it makes a great tattoo. Also, you’d be surprised how difficult it is to nail this art; we went through a lot of Pink Floyd tattoos to find one that nailed it.

(Image courtesy of alexgowers on Flickr.) (Image courtesy of alexgowers on Flickr.)

Another surprisingly difficult tribute, as anybody who’s seen a musician’s face in a tattoo can tell you, is capturing the essence of a great musician in a tattoo. Too realistic and it looks weird; too abstract and it doesn’t come through. This, however, nails it with perfect simplicity and style.

(Image courtesy Vikkachu on DeviantArt.) (Image courtesy of Vikkachu on DeviantArt.)

Speaking of simplicity and style, there are a lot of Led Zeppelin tattoos out there, but often the best are the simplest. Like these, for example, which both call attention to the art while blending it in with the skin.

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