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Jack White Issues An Explanation And Apology For All The Black Keys Trash Talk

By 05.31.14

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Just a little bit ago, we talked about the Spin article about Jack White letting his feelings be known on The Black Keys and Adele. Now White has written an apology on his website with an explanation about why he said the things he did:

There are a lot of things that only people around me can know about or understand, but despite all of that I want to say this: I wish the band the Black Keys all the success that they can get. I hope the best for their record label Nonesuch who has such a proud history in music, and in their efforts to bring the Black Keys songs to the world. I hope for massive success also for their producer and songwriter Danger Mouse and for the other musicians that their band employs. Lord knows that I can tell you myself how hard it is to get people to pay attention to a two piece band with a plastic guitar, so any attention that the Black Keys can get in this world I wish it for them, and I hope their record stays in the top ten for many months and they have many more successful albums in their career. (via)

He goes into more detail here. He seems sincere. No one likes their private conversations brought out into the public. You have to feel for him, and Donald Sterling. Just kidding, that guy sucks.

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