50 Cent Peddled Headphones On QVC, Probably Boned At Least One Of The Hosts

If you, by chance, visited your grandma over the weekend and thought you saw 50 Cent on her TV peddling $250 headphones, you were not dreaming. That’s a thing that really happened. And apparently QVC is a great place to peddle $250 headphones, as the show’s entire inventory of his merchandise — including a number of “limited edition” purple, pink and red headphones — sold completely out in a matter of minutes.

“I just made 177,000 dollars in 9min on QVC,” 50 Cent tweeted after the show. “Can someone hate on me so I can know this is real life.”

Naturally, some of his followers obliged him…

What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fitty got some QVC host ass after his appearance, as the ladies on the show all seem to have been recently released from an all-female prison or something. See for yourself…

So, to recap, 50 Cent still makes lots of money and gets lots of p*ssy. And the world spins madly on.

(Via Vibe)

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