Aaron Paul Played A Bullied High School Kid In A 2002 KoRn Video

07.20.12 6 years ago

Wow, the “pre-Breaking Bad TV appearances of Aaron Paul” game is becoming fun — someone on Twitter just pointed out that, in addition to being a contestant on The Price Is Right, Jesse Pinkman also starred in a 2002 KoRn video. Here’s how Wikipedia describes the video for “Thoughtless”…

The plot of this video revolves around a young individual from high school who is picked on, beaten up, laughed at, and ridiculed with Korn performing inside the brain of the tormented boy. He seeks revenge throughout the video. The final scene shows him arriving at the school prom with an escort. He then vomits at those who had picked on him from across the auditorium, leaving them in disgust and humiliation.

What that summary leaves out is that Paul’s dressed as a pimp when he shows up with a hooker to the prom, a bit of hilariousness captured in screengrabs below.

What will Jesse Pinkman show up in next? My money’s on being a flunky in AJ’s crew in an episode of The Sopranos.

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