The Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally Was A Pathetic And Total Bust

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02.16.16 8 Comments
Anti-Anti Beyonce Protest Rally At NFL Headquarters

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Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 performance brought out a lot of negative emotions from viewers who felt the show was anti-police and was going to bring about a great race war that would destroy the country. However, all that outrage must’ve been faux outrage because when it was time for dissenters to voice their concerns to the NFL, anti-Beyonce social media activists were nowhere to be found.

The Anti-Beyonce protest rally that was scheduled for Tuesday morning in response to Bey’s Black Panther tribute at Super Bowl 50 turned out to be a total bust when only three — THREE — protesters had the balls to show up. In fact, there were more counter-protesters than actual protesters.

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