Australian Spoon-Playing Lady Spoons The Sh*t Out Of The Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy'

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04.27.12 3 Comments

I meant to get to this yesterday but the research behind my hard-hitting thesis on celebrity and web culture took up more of my time than expected. Probably for the best though because if this isn’t a Friday afternoon video then I haven’t seen one before (hint: I have seen a video on a Friday afternoon before).

Behold, Australian senior citizen and talented spoon percussionist Deb “Spoons” Perry playing along to The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” in a rendition that can only be described as “stirring.” She works those spoons, man. Works them good. “Lonely Boy” already never fails to get my head nodding, so just imagine what happens when a lady starts smacking spoons against her feet to the beat? That’s right: head nod + not bad face.

Video after the jump. If you’re not interested in watching Deb expound on The Black Keys and the current state of rock and roll while feeding kangaroos forward to the :50 mark.

YouTube via The Daily What

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