Axl Rose Is A Hungry Time Traveler

By 01.06.12

The Fat Axl Rose meme has found a new iteration, and the world is a better place for it. New blog Hungry Time Traveler posits the theory that Axl Rose has the power to travel through time, and he also gets hungry during his voyage, so he brings a snack. No wonder he’s always late. Like Steven Seagal, Axl Rose lives outside of space and time.

The site was created by Matsby, a non-profit sector employee with several other blogs. After the break are some of our favorite photoshops from Matsby plus a couple we made, like the picture above of Axl noshing on gnocchi while Gandhi is on a hunger strike (so insensitive, that Axl). The rest of the photos are at Hungry Time Traveler, and Matsby’s commentary on each photo is also worth a read.

[Thanks to Grantley Buffalo and Buzzfeed for the assist.]

1964: Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston vs Axl and his Whoppers

December 1941: Stalin, FDR, Winston Churchill, Axl Rose, and corn on the cob

1969: Axl Rose doesn’t need a spacesuit when he’s got a Hot Pocket.

November 24, 1963: Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald, and Axl Rose kills a Big Gulp

1945: Iwo Jima and a corndog, two great tastes that taste great together

December 1, 1955: Rosa Parks, Axl, and Sour Cream and Onion Pringles

May 10th, 1869: completion of The First Transcontinental Railroad

December 3, 1968: MLK had a dream. Axl had an ice cream sandwich.

August 14, 1945: a perfect time for Del Taco

1936: the real “Great Depression” is felt when Axl runs out of Cheetos

1948: Axl defeats popsicle

1956: James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Axl Rose on the set of Giant. Axl’s keeping it hands free.

“Ever since the first time I heard Axl sing the Guns n Roses classic “Civil War”, I knew those weren’t the words of someone who learned about the war from books, but rather those were the words of a man who had witnessed the horrors for himself through the miracle of time travel. And I also thought they sounded like the words of a guy who would have enjoyed a tube of Gogurt while witnessing those horrors. Years later when this photograph first surfaced, it turns out I was right on both accounts.” — Matsby

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