Aziz Ansari Bored On A Flight With Wi-Fi + Twitter = Awesome

11.08.11 4 Comments

By now it’s no secret that Aziz Ansari is a fan of hip-hop, particularly of Jay-Z and Kanye West and their “Watch The Throne” collaboration. Hell, he was such a rabid fanboy of the two on social media that they cast him in the video for “Otis,” the first release off the album. He’s also created some WTT comics.

So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he’d create some WTT-inspired comedy on Twitter during a cross-country flight, as he explained on his Tumblr today, writing, “Last night I was on an incredibly boring redeye flight back to LA, but thanks to wifi inflight I was able to get on Twitter and detail our exploits once the whole flight decided to go H.A.M.”

Here’s what transpired next over Twitter, starting at the bottom…

My personal fav: “WHOLE FLIGHT CREW ROCKING SUNGLASSES AND HOLDING ADVIL. #ThroneFlight #NoChurchintheFlight #BestFlighttoLAEver”

Aziz is a national treasure.

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